Time warping workshops

If you want to get really good at time warping I suggest you do the Journey to Self Discovery first. You will have a much stronger foundation to build on.  However, if that is out of the question at this point in time, there are a few things you can do in the meantime.

  1. Time usage audit; where can you save time, delegate, drop the time gobblers, kill the time vampires, and speed things up. With some practices and processes to help you get done what needs to be done. I have a number of trick, tools and techniques up my sleeve. We will choose the most appropriate and useful ones for your practice.Top time-warping
  2. Time warping; looking at what is stopping you, tripping you up, and holding you back, then finding ways to overcome that, and implementing new ways to set you on a better path, a smoother ride.
  3. Flow Training; a workshop with practices to get you into the zone and return you to the zone when you wish to get there.
  4. Creative Thinking; get over writer’s block and artist’s slump, or come up with innovative new ideas for marketing, strategic planning, branding, or other creative pursuits. This program puts your imagination on steroids.
  5. Radical Problem Solving; if you want radical solutions to specific problems. If you have a sticky issue or challenge that just won’t go away or that has been troubling you for some time, we can put it through the mill and find a solution to blow your mind.  And guess what, you will be doing that yourself.  Think how good you will feel when that happens. Here we help you get in touch with the genius within that has been hiding in the box that our schooling put it in. (He! He! Hope you’re not a teacher, no actually, wish you are a teacher so that we can get more inspired thinking in the classrooms so that our kids can thrive.) Consider a mind-jol. (See what it means)

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