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Sonja Wilker - BWI am in the process of ushering in a new era where people no longer operate from a sense of fear, but from a place of inspiration.  I am hoping to ignite this desire in as many people as possible so that we can make it a world-wide phenomenon.

With the workshops and training I do I am inspired to help more and more people connect to the genius within, to share our gifts without apology or reticence, but with a sense of delight and abandon, that needs no courage. To lift the injunctions of our past so that we can really, really LIVE from the bottom of our hearts.

I have tried many things, some worked, and some didn’t.  Some worked better than others. I have studied all my life to find the things that make the difference that makes the difference. These I will share with you.  I am not saying I have all the answers, but I have a lot of experience and really good ways to help you come up with the solutions you seek to get the outcomes you desire.

Check out my Revolution to Inspired Living website or the Workshops on Time Warping or Radical Problem Solving on the Mind Jol website that augurs in a mind shift to a more resourceful and creative way of thinking.

For more about me visit my personal website Sonja Wilker

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